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Scannor AS is a Polish company that consists of people with many years of experience in the renovation and construction sector. We continuously improve our qualifications, which allow us to offer high-quality renovation and construction services. Around the world, the professionals from Poland are known for their industriousness and skills - especially in the construction sector. By choosing us, you will have the assurance and guarantee of a job well done.

Scannor AS

Our actions are always honest, reliable and characterized by complete commitment to the good of our clients. Scannor AS is defined by:

Tight team of professionals

we know that people are the foundation of our work. Our staff is well-tuned, because we have known each other and we have been working together for years. We trust each other and we believe that you will be also able to trust us.

Complete commitment

we always implement the objectives set at the beginning. In the course of such implementation, we operate in a confident, decisive and reliable manner, respecting the time and money of our clients. We give 100% during the implementation of every order.


modern technology allows to carry out even the heaviest and the most difficult renovation works much faster, more efficiently and more safely than before. Therefore, we use modern tools and work methods.

Full responsibility and safety

we act confidently, quickly and efficiently, however we put great emphasis on the safety of our employees, as well as occupational health and safety rules. Moreover, we take full responsibility for all our works.

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